Weekend Plans? Let’s Get Out of Here

Happy Friday.

Hope you have great plans for the weekend!

I do!

I am going to St Barth’s!  It’s a wonderful French Island with fabulous food, interesting people, long pristine sandy beaches and warm salty waters. 

Wanna know more about St Barth’s?  Read here. 

I try not to pack a lot but these sure make packing easier. 

And, because I always (yes, always) carry on, I finally bought a new suitcase, just the right size. 

But, to be honest,  I also fill this backpack to the max with magazines, ear phones, charging cords, masks, sanitizer and moisturizer. 

Once I read all the magazines on the plane, I tell myself it will get much lighter. 

I am always cold on airplanes, always! 

This sweater/poncho/ blanket – or  whatever you want to call it is a must. I have it in a variety of colors and I often wear it through the airport head, but while on the plane it’s on my lap.

While I will be swimming every day. (And, just so you know, I don’t normally enjoy swimming in the ocean, but in St. Barth’s it’s impossible to stay out of the water!)

I will continue to enjoy my online CoreBarreFit classes and so will be packing these resistance bands and these great soles.

A couple of good looking bathing suits don’t hurt, either. My “go to” for bathing suits is called Solid & Striped. No ad here, I just love their suits and they are having a big sale.

Trying to think what I can’t live without while on the island… there is not much, other than my phone, it’s probably only my baseball cap and sunscreen.   

It’s my happy place. Where is yours?  

I wish you all a fabulous weekend. Keep moving.

And let me know in the comments below what your weekend plans are. 

xx Gretchen 





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