Too Much Already?

“Yea, I get it, too much already?”

Why all of a sudden are we  being told this is the time to get fit?  

So many emails and blogs and texts about how it’s now time to get fit.  That’s great. It  is important to move your body.  BUT, where are all those reminders in April and October?  

All I want to share with you is:

Let’s stay consistent. 

Let’s just keep moving. 

Let’s have fun. 

I will take you with me.

AARP asked a fun and very enlightening question about fitness for people over 40 on YouTube a few years ago .  

You have to see it. You will get a kick out of it .

If you haven’t seen their YouTube  you should check it out. They asked millennials at what age they considered people old and then they met healthy and fit people the ages they thought were old and beyond. The millennials learned an important lesson.

The reminder was:  “When people start stopping- that’s when they start getting old” .  

Bottom line, just don’t stop. 

Probably harder to do than moving your body is to keep moving your mind. 


Remember last week? (Remember I said there was a snafu with what was supposed to be Saturday’s blog? So here you have it a few days late, but nonetheless still relevant?) 

That’s when I talked about moving your mind. 

Rather than inundate you with more pontificating about how to  start this year right, here is a recap of things I use- and to be clear- I use all of them on a regular basis. I am here to help you navigate through your fitness and happiness journey so anything but the truth is not going to help either of us. 

  1. jump rope
  2. rebounder
  3. weights
  4. resistance bands
  5. booty kicker 
  6. balance board
  7. bosu ball
  8. super brain book 
  9. white noise machine
  10. silk pillowcase
  11. eye mask 
  12. ear protection
  13. toothbrush
  14. The End of Alzheimer’s book

Have a great Monday. Keep moving. I will take you with me. 

xx Gretchen

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