Easy Peasy for the Win

I didn’t always try to do things the easy way. 

 I used to think doing it the hard way was “more” 


What was I thinking?  

I was thinking I had all the time to waste in the world.

Not doing that any more! No more time sucks for me! I am taking the easy road.

When I find something I like that makes my life a whole lot easier,

I use it

I share it and

I tell anyone who will listen about it 

Easy is the only way I am doing things this year. I’m not trying to be salesy, but I am trying to make your life easier. Sticking with Easy Peasy.

The only way I’ll make hard boiled eggs is with the DASH Rapid Egg Cooker. It’s LIFE CHANGING! Trust me on this one!  

I will never slip on the bathroom floor (or wash another bath mat) ever again ! This “bath mat” is incredible- really INCREDIBLE!. It is made out of Diatomaceous Earth and it dries your feet instantly! Like, the second you step on it.  

I make at least a pitcher of iced tea a day. If you drink iced tea- the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker is the  only ” iced tea maker ”  you should own. It’s actually a coffee maker, but it makes the best iced tea.  

Do you have a Label Maker? This handy one prints via Bluetooth right off my  phone.  I have labeled food containers, linen shelves, bins in the garage, keys, cabinets, folders- you name it!  

I am not sure how I ever lived without my Rechargeable Electric Lighter. It makes lighting candles, the fire pit, barbeque and fireplace a breeze. It is really so cool and it’s rechargeable so it will never run out (well it will run out if you don’t charge it, but you know what I mean.) 

Do you wear headphones in bed? I hate it when I fall asleep and the hard headphones are so uncomfortable on my ears that I wake up. I wear these “sleep headphones” when I watch a movie in bed and they are really comfortable. I may look like I am wearing a headband- but that’s okay because they feel great on my head and on my pillow. 

I have so many  more things I love and use. I will share them with you at another time. What do you use to make your life a whole lot easier?

When you make your life easier you can spend more time doing the fun stuff. 

xx Gretch 

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.




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