Catching Up with Gretch

Catching up. . . 

finally. . . 

after a name change . . . 

and . . . 

a little time out. . . 

I am now Go Gretch (  )  On IG and other social media I am  @itsgogretch  

It’s still me, only better. Want to know what I have been up to ?

Was down with Covid for the past week. Thought I would use the down time to get things organized. The only thing I accomplished was lots of sleep. It also taught me there are some things that are just out of my control. Like covid and Hurricane Hillary who swept through with lots of rain and in the middle of it we had an Earthquake.

(Was it a  Hurriquake or an Earthcane?) 

No damage but a reminder to make sure we are prepared. We are not. That said, stay tuned for my earthquake kit to be created in the next week (or so). 

This was the week I talked about:

The Falmouth Road Race was past Sunday and I missed running it due to illness.  I am crushed.  Worse,  I let the charity I was running for down. For over 50 years, Cape Abilities has provided employment, residential services, day programs & transportation services to empower individuals with disabilities  to live, work, and thrive on Cape Cod. We are still about 10k away from our goal. Please consider donating to my run here.

I am one of the early adopters in Santa Monica of Ridwell and had my 1st recycling pickup last week. They give you a bin and you can put all kinds of hard-to-recycle stuff in it. Ridwell picks up different types of plastic (think food bags, Amazon shipping bags, etc.) , clothes, batteries, light bulbs, electronics, (and more) and will make sure it does not end up in landfills. If you sign up today, you can get a free month by using this link.

I have an active wear, outdoor and gym photo shoot coming up with the oh so talented Patricia Pena @penaphotography . I need suggestions! What would you wear? Hair up, down, braided? Colors? Makeup? Please comment with your favorites.

And for you influencers who use affiliate links, this is something you should know about. Shared Vision has helped me save time and earn more affiliate income while also increasing my page views, strengthening my SEO & checking broken links. It flags when an item is out of stock or a link is broken and I can then update the link. Readers can shop from post to post and, if they leave the blog without checking out their cart they appear when they come back to the blog. I highly recommend it. Here is a discount code-for $150 off for a pro membership  gogretch150

And now some things to know just for fun:

Have Scientists found the fountain of youth?

Do you know the best time to workout? 

My favorite thing to watch right now? Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. Meryl Streep is killing it. New episode every Tuesday until season Finale Oct 3 ONLY MURDERS IN THE BUILDING Trailer (2021) Selena Gomez Series

Didn’t know how bad my posture was until I started using this. It’s pretty amazing.  More about it next week.  The PostureFit Bar

Want to lower your blood pressure? Try these.

I eat veggies, but I rarely enjoy them. I love this recipe.  

Stay tuned for next week. I am going to Facegym, sharing my daily “go to”  online class with an opportunity for you to try it, too, the best exercise for healthy longevity, something really random like making envelope liners and more. 

affiliate notice: Note: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission or have a sponsored relationship with the brand, at no cost to you. I recommend only products I use and genuinely like. Thank you!




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