Balancing it ALL!

After almost a full month of sharing balancing exercises, I understand why balance is so important and why it can also sometimes be so elusive. My favorite balance exercise, so far, has been the balance test when I stood on one leg, balancing for 10 seconds. I am on my balance board every day, just […]

Easy Peasy for the Win

I didn’t always try to do things the easy way.   I used to think doing it the hard way was “more”  BUT What was I thinking?   I was thinking I had all the time to waste in the world. Not doing that any more! No more time sucks for me! I am taking the easy […]

My Grandmother & I Went to College Together!

My grandmother enrolled in the local community college just when I was just starting as a freshman in a college about 6 hours away . She was 79 years old.  It was a big deal for someone her age to attend college classes. She was so cool.  She was always happy and always doing things. […]

Weekend Plans? Let’s Get Out of Here

Happy Friday. Hope you have great plans for the weekend! I do! I am going to St Barth’s!  It’s a wonderful French Island with fabulous food, interesting people, long pristine sandy beaches and warm salty waters.  Wanna know more about St Barth’s?  Read here.  I try not to pack a lot but these sure make packing easier.  […]

Too Much Already?

“Yea, I get it, too much already?” Why all of a sudden are we  being told this is the time to get fit?   So many emails and blogs and texts about how it’s now time to get fit.  That’s great. It  is important to move your body.  BUT, where are all those reminders in April and October?   […]